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Deep South Originals

Deep South Originals Rose Quartz Cross Earrings

Deep South Originals Rose Quartz Cross Earrings

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Dive deep into the heart of southern elegance with these handcrafted earrings from Deep South Originals. Delicately curated, each earring showcases a pristine rose quartz cross, revered for its soothing energies and unconditional love. The cross, a symbol of faith and tradition, melds seamlessly with a meticulously hammered gold circle dangling gracefully beneath. This circle, with its imperfect, artisanal touch, mirrors the beautiful imperfections and rich tapestry of life in the Deep South.

Every facet of these earrings exudes a balance of sophistication and rustic charm. Whether worn to a Sunday service, an evening soiree, or a casual day out, they promise to add a touch of the divine and the grounded spirit of the South to your ensemble.


  • Genuine Rose Quartz
  • High-Quality Gold Finish

Dimensions: 1.5 inch length

These earrings aren't just jewelry; they are a journey, a story, and a testament to the timeless beauty of the Deep South.

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